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Salient Features



Elegant Easy to use Point-Of-Sale (POS)

IRESTAURANTPRO provides a fully-touchscreen, easy-to-use and user-friendly system with an elegant layout. The smart layout allows you to stay efficient while taking multiple orders at once.



2nd Screen Customer Display

The smart layout of our POS provides you with an option to have rotating images on half of the screen. You can even use this extra space for advertisement of your new and best-selling products.



The IRESTAURANTPRO POS system allows you to take multiple orders efficiently in less time. Our efficient system can take QSR, Take Away, Dine In and Delivery orders and store them separately, so the staff will never confuse the orders again.Even you can enjoy an order on your reserved table. Our POS allows table reservation functionality too.

Flexible Menu Management

The IRESTAURANTPRO POS system gives you a number of customizable layouts to manage your menu according to the needs of your restaurant. You can make different categories, add special items, display the best-selling products. The flexible menu management helps you to make changes anywhere in the displayed menu at any restaurant location. This makes for an efficient ordering experience and a faster checkout.





IRESTAURANTPRO POS system gives you detailed insights and accurate reports of your best-selling products, saving the time you would have spent going through pages of customer data. You can easily generate graphs, visuals and tables of your restaurant’s day-to-day business and operations. The smart POS system also helps you look out for emerging trends to gain a better understanding of how you restaurant business is booming!


Kitchen Management

IRESTAURANTPRO POS eliminates the hassle of finding a pen and paper to manage the kitchen and kitchen staff. The innovative POS system gives a new meaning to the way you operate your restaurant kitchen. It can help you to quickly navigate between different orders and check out how accurate and fast the kitchen service is.



Customer Management

You can now engage with customers and closely understand their motivations to come to your restaurant. The IRESTAURANTPRO POS system can help you to keep your customers satisfied and keep them coming back. Our new POS takes customer information and stores the data in one place for your easy access. The system also analyses data and generates reports for your understanding to help you keep the business growing.


Other Features