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If you want to do payments for the products and services, iDiGiPro-CS is a platform where your taxes become payable. It offers the customers with accurate reports generated automatically. This facilitates you to place orders and can pay your bills electronically. iDiGiPro-CS also allows the traders to track their orders and process multiple purchases. iDiGiPro-CS POS BUY NOW

Salient Features

iDigiPro CS – Convenience Store POS

Try our iDiGiPro CS to ease the management. Now business owners can track sales, manage products and employees, and much more.

iDigiPro CS – Back Office

Manage Employees, Product Stocks Adjustments and Much More with IDigiPro CS – Back Office (BOH) System

Integrated Age Verification Tool

iDiGiPro-CS incorporates an integrated age verification tool that utilizes the mechanism of online age verification to protect the persons and customers from engrossing the digital online content and resources that is not suitable for their age. Traders of age-restricted items and services have the liability to market their services only to those individuals that are beyond the legal age.  For iDiGiPro-CS, it is essential to know about the age of their consumers, and the integrated age verification tool provides a solution for it. It delivers a safe and reliable option for teenagers to perform activities online and keep the rules and regulations intact.

Multiple Payment Gateways

iDiGiPro-CS offers Multiple Payment Gateway systems that permit the consumers to use different types of payment systems and provide an option to theconsumers to pay in their own currency. This feature will make your business scalable and flexible. It also provides an ease to the consumers that want to expand their business globally. iDiGiPro-CS offers multiple payment gateways, which include Clearant TSI, NETePay DC Direct, Elavon, Global Payment, Ingenico, and many more.


Supports login using swiping a MAG card or entering a pin

iDiGiPro-CS supports MAG or magnetic card login by simply swiping the card or entering the pin through the information can be readable or recorded. Moreover, these types can of cards also utilized in the access control systems, just like in the automatic doors. The standard strip of the MAG card consists of three magnetic tracks that are actually utilized to preserve the data encoded on the card. You can simply present your card by swiping on the reader, and it automatically detects the information encoded on the magnetic head of the card.

Supports Loyalty Card

iDiGiPro-CS also supports Loyalty Card as it permits the business retailers to collect information about their consumers. Through this feature, they can easily offer discounts, points, and coupons on products to their customers. The individuals think that having a loyalty card is worth it as you get the ability to save money, and you will definitely won’t mind for handing over your information to the other organizations. Through the loyalty card, you will get super exclusive deals, and you can even shop at one place by just using this Loyalty Card.

Support for Lottery in and out

iDiGiPro-CS also provides its customers with an option for the lottery in and out. As we all know, that lottery game of luck and winners are being chosen randomly. By using this feature of iDiGiPro-CS, you can easily challenge your luck and can secure your position in the lottery game. iDiGiPro-CS will not waste your time and money, and you will feel lucky and will get benefits. The lottery provides benefits and other charming luxuries to its participants in actual.

Support for Bottle Deposit

iDiGiPro-CS provides its customer with the facility of bottle deposits which can be done anytime. The customers just have to pay a small amount of money at the time of buying a beverage and get paid whenever they return the empty bottle at the redemption counter. But in actuality, the deposit money has different rates depending on the kind of beverage as well as the size of the bottle.

Stock Management

iDiGiPro-CS has proper stock management. Through proper stock management, iDiGiPro-CS becomes able to order, store, track, and control its inventory. The feature of stock management could be implemented in each and every business that manufactures its products and services, from raw items to finalized products. The stock management covers every factor of the iDiGiPro-CS inventory.

Vendor/Supplier Management

iDiGiPro-CS constitutes a proper vendor and supplier management system. iDiGiPro-CS utilizes the concept of vendor and supplier management to handle their suppliers, which are also termed, vendors. Through this vast procedure, iDiGiPro-CS becomes able to choose its vendors, negotiate the agreements, handle the cost, and minuses the risks associated with the vendor management.

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Other Features

Customer Support

We Also Provide 24/7 Customer Support With Call & Chat, So Contct us

Categories Entry

Customer Can Manage All Categories Entry & Many More Things Here

Purchase Entry

Customer Can Also Manage All Purchase Entry & Many More Things

Product Locations

We Provided Product Location That Customer Find Easily Product

Support Login

Supports login using swiping a MAG card or by entering a Pin

Supplier Management

Supplier Management has Manage Supplies of Product.

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Convenience Store-Retail Point-of-Sale (POS) system with Back Office (BOH)
Quick overview video of the live software:
iDiGiPro CS Features:
1. Easy to navigate POS software with excellent User Interface
2. POS inventory management and Stock Adjustment
3. Employee and other POS reporting tools
4. Integrated Age Verification Tool
5. Supports Customer Display
6. Multiple Payment Gateways(Clearant TSI, NETePay DC Direct, Elavon, Global Payment, Ingenico & more are being added)
7. Supports unlimited categories and products
8. Supports login using swiping a MAG card or by entering a Pin
9. Supports Loyalty Card
10. Supports unlimited POS terminals and back office system
11. Supports multiple price list for any product
12. Support for Lottery In and Out
13. Support for Bottle Deposit
14. Stock Management
15. Accounting Reports
16. Expense Management
17. Vendor/Supplier Management
18. CCTV/IP Security Camera Integration (in development & coming soon)
And many more…