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Our newly established Point of Sale (POS) has the potential of generating automatic and explicit reports. This will surely have a direct impact on the demeanour of existing customers by sustaining quality relationship with them. This will promote further abilities, including barcode scanning, purchasing an order, or receipt printing. iDiGiPro - Retail POS Buy Now Our system will also be used to collaborate with the new customers and to take productive decisions that will improvise the sales and customers.

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Salient Features

Elegant Easy to use Point-Of-Sale (POS)

iDiGiPro facilitates you with a touch-panel that is easy to use and a user-friendly application with a Sophisticated layout. The feature of a smart Front-of-House (FOH) layout will enable you to interact directly with the system and makes you efficient without moving from your place.

Barcode Label Printing

This feature has been introduced to design and generate your barcode labels, and the distinct layout of our POS will provide you with a chance to print your barcode labels or tags that can be easily attached to or can directly printed on the physical objects.

Accounting Reports

Our iDiGiPro POS system will enable you to get multiple orders effectively in a short period of time. Our expeditious system will take Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), Take Away, Dine-In, Delivery orders and store them individually so that the restaurant staff will never get confused while taking the orders. Moreover, you can even order on your reserved table as well. Our smart iDiGiPro system has the capability to facilitate you with the functionality of table reservation also.

Back Office Entries :(By Admin)

The iDiGiPro works with a powerful back-office offering multiple functions and standard modules with no extra cost and probably would not be integrated with other iDiGiPro POS applications such as Marketing Tools to deliver the Emails or SMS, have easy access to the Desktop backup and can also restore the Recipe, Banking, Attendance, Payroll tracking, and much more.

Company Entry

The iDiGiPro POS system will provide you with complete insights and actual reports of your bestselling products that will effectively save the time and energy that you would have spent going through several pages of customer data. Through our system, you can easily build graphs, visual representations, and tables of your daily routine restaurant’s business and operations. Our distinct POS system will help you to get insights into the emerging latest trends to achieve a better understanding of how your restaurant is flourishing!

Barcode Scanning Support

iDiGiPro POS system is also supported with Barcode Scanning feature that can decodes and captures the information contained in your barcodes. It will generate the detailed and accurate barcode reports of your products and services. It will remove all your worries and will assist you in visualizing your profits as well.

Daily Expenses Management

The innovative iDiGiPro POS will provide you with the exact meaning of operating the business. It can also help you to rapidly navigate between multiple orders and can check out how accurate and quick your business service is. Our smart system will also enable you to allot money to multiple priorities and this will also assist you to cut down on useless spending.

POS Reports

iDiGiPro POS system also generates accurate and proper reports for Inventory, Users & Sales, etc. Which makes the management easier and more flexible. iDiGiPro POS is intended to provide All Bussiness Management tools on one platform.

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Other Features

Warehouse Stock IN and OUT & Stock Reports

Different kinds of warehouse reports will identify the stock availability and show the remaining quantity of the company’s stock stored at multiple warehouses. This will also represent the exceeded amount of stock available at the warehouses.

Expenses Controlling

Expense controlling procedure make the direct changes to the spending of the money. These changes are required to control the cost data. Through expense controlling, the frequent changes in spending will keep the project your project on the right track.

Trial Balance

A bookkeeping worksheet is used to balance the ledgers that are compiled into debit and credit account columns totals that are equal.

Warehouse Stock IN and OUT & Stock Reports

Several kinds of warehouse reports will identify the stock availability and show the remaining quantity of the company’s stock stored at multiple warehouses. This will also represent the exceeded amount of stock available at the warehouses.

Purchase Stock Adjust

In purchasing, this feature will help you to minimize the number of goods you hold in the inventory. It is basically utilized to adjust the quantities of stock present in the inventory.

Day Books & Balance Sheets

They are being regarded as the book of original entry in which you can record the transactions by date or when they occur. These will make you updated about the company’s current financial position.